dc statehood

Republicans (and some Democrats) say D.C. shouldn't become the 51st state. Here's why each reason they cite is bad.
"If Congress wants to make D.C. a state, it should propose a constitutional amendment,” Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia said.
Democratic Rep. Mondaire Jones rips the Arkansas Republican's "well-rounded" dog whistle in arguing against D.C. statehood.
D.C. is now closer to winning statehood than it has ever been, but the Senate's approval is far from certain.
Sen. Mike Rounds doesn't seem to know his own state's history.
While marking history, the real test may come in 2021.
Just .05% of all the people who have ever served in the Senate were Black.
Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton said the bill could pass the Senate with a simple majority vote.
Proponents hope to secure a voting majority in both chambers of Congress in January 2021.
The Senate minority leader outlined the priorities on the anniversary of "Bloody Sunday," the 1965 voting rights march where protesters were brutally beaten.