When teens get ditched by their best friends or teased for their looks, the sharp pain of exclusion feels like it will last forever. But what if we could help teens take a different perspective?
Self-criticism, loneliness, and uncertainty about the future are some of the biggest challenges for adolescents. This study
Researchers found that 45 minutes of creative activity significantly lessens stress in the body.
Life is too short to be wasted stressing over things that are fleeting. The cause of stress will pass, but you will remain long after it's gone. So go give yourself that much needed break, and de-stress your life.
When you're trying your best to achieve your goals and follow your dreams, there will be obstacles that can get in your way. These obstacles can sometimes lead to stress and if that stress is allowed to build it can eventually hinder your drive for success.
If you relate to any of these burnout types, congratulations! You now are empowered with a better understanding of yourself and for every bit of understanding comes a choice on how you want to move forward.
It looks like in order to get rid of one of them, you have to get rid of the other. They came paired up: anxiety or chronic stress and chronic physical back pain.
Carving just 10 minutes out of your day to do these simple yoga moves will help reduce the stress and keep you from holding your breathe so you can enjoy this busy time of the year.
There are 168 hours per week. If you use 50 hours for work and commuting, 56 hours for sleep and 20 hours for meals, that leaves you with 42 extra hours per week. That is six extra hours per day. So the time is available. It is up to us how we decide to use it.
Mental stress is powerful and sneaky. Remember that diamond is just charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well, and accept that there are things you simply can't control or change.
As I lie in bed before falling asleep, I take a minute to silently identify and express gratitude for a few things in my day and life I'm thankful for. Focusing on how much I have, rather than how much I have to do, reminds me that whatever happens, I'll be okay.
Despite how busy we may be, being able to find stress relief is not something that we have no control over. Creating and maintaining a solid self-care practice can help us go from a stressed out mess to peaceful and going with the flow.
Everyone tells you that your life will change when you have a child, but no one tells you that using the bathroom by yourself will become a luxury. Your world literally gets turned upside down when you become a parent, and it can be easy to lose yourself.
Law schools must begin recognizing the damage that is being caused to interpersonal relationships and our overall society, due to the low EQ levels of those involved in the field of law and make a concerted effort to address this extremely serious problem.
While we can't always change our circumstances, we can change how we deal with them. Here are 11 ways you (and those with infertile loved ones) can relieve some of the stress of infertility.
See more examples of adult coloring books here, here, here and here. We've long professed the scientifically proven benefits
The coloring book, on the other hand, is a method of art making most rigorously employed in elementary school, teaching kids
Basford, a commercial illustrator based in the UK, modeled her first book The Secret Garden after the Brodick Castle Gardens