If convicted, Andres Lopez Elorez faces up to life imprisonment.
Trump called Marino "a fine man and a great Congressman!"
Sadly, we are treating our responsible, medicinal marijuana users like criminals and forcing patients to go with prescription pain medications that are more affordable and/or covered by insurance -- but are also substantially more dangerous and less effective.
Those who use and study the plant say an outright ban could do serious harm.
The research demonstrating the medicinal utility of cannabis is voluminous.
After intense backlash, the agency is making an unprecedented move to reconsider prohibition.
But the bigger story might be what the agency isn't doing.
Members of both chambers of Congress now want to take a closer look at the DEA's plans to wage war on kratom.
Members of Congress are urging the federal government to delay a decision to ban the herbal supplement kratom.
These people will soon be criminals in the eyes of the federal government.