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The former heroin user recovered under impossible conditions and is now sharing the message that others can, too.
Harris was attacked late Saturday night in Washington state.
His antics, though, left Captain Keith with two things that needed to be fetched from the water. He had his crew quickly
The men on "Deadliest Catch" face certain death every day. For the crew of the Seabrooke, it was the chance of a cold, watery
On Twitter, viewers agreed that Dane wasn't the smartest for messing with Freddie. But Facebook fans said Freddie is a bully
He chatted with his old friend Ed Hansen about it. Hansen told him, "Just be you man. One day it’ll turn. I promise, it will
Sometimes the danger comes from within on "Deadliest Catch." Well, from a combination of turmoil within and turmoil in the
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The men of the Northwestern were pretty quiet on social media during and after the episode, but viewers said they were sad
When asked what the problem was, Jake responded, "He opened his mouth!” He tried to throw off the other guys who were trying
The blow created a massive gash on his face that was too close to his eye for comfort. Captain Keith Colburn recognized the
After working all night, he lost focus of the crane and crushed his own son, Mike, between two 800-pound crab pots. The Examiner
Exeutive producer David Pritikin told Us Weekly that this season was about redemption for Elliott, saying, "People either
"It’s very humbling. Just sitting’ here, for 2 1/2 years, working on this, trying to get the Cornelia [Marie] back," Josh
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, fishing remains one of the most dangerous jobs in the US. Nobody knows that better than Captain Jonathan Hillstrand & Captain Scott Campbell Jr. of Discovery's popular series, "Deadliest Catch."
This is remarkable. This speaks to where we are as a society. Despite rising costs, a sluggish economy and uncertainty in many other areas of life, people are giving to help someone get better.
They may be skilled at sea, but these TV stars of Deadliest Catch are still getting used to the politics of Twitter. Not only do they feel guilty for wasting time and ignoring their families when they get sucked into social media, but it's also damaging their mojo while fishing.
“[During] the time she wasted, there was another tumor growing that started out the size of a grape, and when the eight weeks
You're not alone if you're ready to turn off the news and get your mind off Hurricane Sandy. News anchor Katie Couric, for