deadliest catch

The former heroin user recovered under impossible conditions and is now sharing the message that others can, too.
Harris was attacked late Saturday night in Washington state.
But it was too late. "Freddy just disrobed and jumped in the f*cking water on me," lamented Captain Keith. "I don’t know
“I’d say that’s about as close as you can come to going over and not going over," said Captain Scott Campbell Jr. after the
But Facebook fans said Freddie is a bully -- they were on Dane's side. Captain Keith seemed to have had enough though. When
His journey continues on "Deadliest Catch" every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery. The guys were giving him plenty of jabs
All the drama may be challenging for Elliott and his crew, but it's great for Discovery. The network is tops among men on
As Zap2It described it, a "bang" and "blood" are never a good combination. And while it was a freak accident, it was horrible
Facebook fans thought Jake was making a mistake, but understood that he wanted to pursue his dreams. “But I have to move