Paul Maidment, who told Deadspin staffers to "stick to sports" last week and effectively killed the site, said he was leaving to "pursue an entrepreneurial opportunity."
“And with that, it’s over,” former Editor-in-Chief Megan Greenwell said Friday. “Deadspin no longer employs a single writer or editor."
Executives told their employees to stop doing what they've been doing for years. They walked out, and now Deadspin is effectively no more.
Seven staff members at the popular website Deadspin quit on Wednesday as part of a dispute with management over its focus, a spokesman said.
A top employee at the company was promptly fired for not following the mandate from G/O Media.
"If you want to make a difference, lobby your lawmakers to have them stop the Tribune deal," the anchor says.
We can now measure the direct effects of Hulkamania running wild on a website.
For the past several weeks I have seen a multitude of stories from the wild world of sport that have struck me as something about which I wanted to write and set my brain whirring.
The NFL complained that use of the short videos violated copyright law.
A.J. Daulerio says the post was more of a general commentary on celebrity sex tapes.
Professional athletes are the perfect subjects to study the "dick pic effect" -- how the unwelcome release of one's private privates affect one's day at work. Through box scores and databases, we can monitor an athlete's performance before and after a penis photo is published online.
In the wake of the recent deaths at police hands of Michael Brown and so many others, people have rightly called for a thorough empirical analysis of how often and under what circumstances the police shoot civilians.
A determined journalist made a concerted effort to trail runners Benjamin Bitok (in blue) and Nixon Machichin (in orange
Sterling's comments are not unlike Cliven Bundy's recent musings. Bundy, the Nevada rancher who owes more than a million dollars in federal grazing fees wondered aloud if blacks might have been better off as slaves "picking cotton and having a family life and doing things."
[h/t Deadspin for the video] After the umps deliberated to make certain they had the correct call, the winning run was wiped
Sadly, I don't think it will necessarily be printing costs that lead to their ultimate demise. As long as metro dailies remain "masters of none," the specialists will continue to siphon-off their readers and their revenue.
Complexions? Huh? Some of Trump's replies: Oh, so it's "nice" Donald that we've been seeing all this time? Trump took to
"Congratulations to Tom Scocca and Timothy Burke of @Deadspin for exposing the Manti Te'o fiasco," Trump tweeted on Thursday