The international Puerto Rican star and his fans were subjected to "insulting" treatment in his opening act on the awards show.
In New Mexico, we visited the Albuquerque Sign Language Academy to learn how a group of parents decided the best way to reimagine education for the deaf was by starting a school for their own kids.
The long-running animated series is set to make history Sunday night.
'CODA,' a film about living with deafness, just won the Oscar for best motion picture. These books can show children more about what life is like for deaf and hard of hearing people.
The failure violates the First Amendment and federal law for Americans with disabilities, the National Association of the Deaf says in its lawsuit.
The lawsuit claims the New York governor is the only state governor not providing an ASL interpreter during his highly watched daily COVID-19 updates.
The COVID-19 pandemic has made it harder for the Deaf community to receive critical information.
“I rarely saw sign language authentically represented on screen growing up, so this incredible opportunity has made my heart soar.”
"It’s a view of just a few seconds of a disabled person’s life," said DiMarco, an "America's Next Top Model" winner who is deaf.