Deaf culture

In a clip for Netflix’s docu-series “Deaf U,” students say that getting a sign name in American Sign Language is an honor ... even if it’s a burn.
"I’ve been socially distancing since I was in elementary school."
I've always wanted to be a part of both worlds, but I don't fully fit in with either.
The company’s first “signing store” in the United States encourages all customers to speak in ASL.
The coffee giant is aiming to hire deaf and hard-of-hearing people to work at the new location.
I went from not knowing ASL or any Deaf people as a child to being the graduation speaker at the world’s only Deaf university.
While I'm cheering on the film, I have to ask: What is it saying about people who live in silence?
The actor and writer helps set a new milestone for intersectional representation on TV.
The only place that I felt I could appropriately learn these terms was by socializing with my LGBTQ Deaf and signing peers.