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I've always wanted to be a part of both worlds, but I don't fully fit in with either.
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The company’s first “signing store” in the United States encourages all customers to speak in ASL.
Let's talk about why everyone was so quick to celebrate.
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The coffee giant is aiming to hire deaf and hard-of-hearing people to work at the new location.
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I went from not knowing ASL or any Deaf people as a child to being the graduation speaker at the world’s only Deaf university.
While I'm cheering on the film, I have to ask: What is it saying about people who live in silence?
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The actor and writer helps set a new milestone for intersectional representation on TV.
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The only place that I felt I could appropriately learn these terms was by socializing with my LGBTQ Deaf and signing peers.
So you’ve planned an event: selected a date, gave it an official name, and rented a space. Perhaps you already rented tables
What is American Sign Language? Is it a culture? Is it an identity? Is it a foreign language? Is it an art form? Is it for
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Seung-il Byun is a traditional Korean painter, noted for using circular canvas and depicting pastoral landscapes of the Joseon Dynasty. He is even more famous, however, as the president of the Korea Association of the Deaf, where he is a fierce advocate for deaf people across the peninsula.
Just because a person who is deaf can read lips does not mean that is the best way to communicate with them. The hearing community lacks an understanding of the real effort that goes into accessing conversation this way.
The Wikipedia entry on deafness will give you the definition, signs and symptoms, causes, diagnoses and more. These are all from the medical perspective of being deaf, with a small "d", and doesn't show you the full story of a Deaf person, with a capital "D".
The Final Season of America's Next Top Model concluded in a monumental way with Nyle DiMarco, the show's first ever Deaf contestant, overcoming all obstacles to win the competition. Smashing through stereotypes and assumptions, DiMarco proved to mainstream audiences that people who are Deaf can do anything they set their minds to.
While reading news stories about Geeta -- the "deaf, mute girl" -- in mainstream American outlets, I can't help but feel like we've transported a half century backwards in our acceptance of deafness.
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While it is true that we have much to celebrate with the protections afforded by the ADA, the Latino community has a long way to go in securing equal safeguards.
So you're interested in Deaf culture and want to connect with the larger community. Great! But how do you go about taking that first step?
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was enacted 25 years ago, yet we are still discussing the same issues for people with hearing loss. The terms "disability" and "access" have morphed into just meaning physical disability and physical access.
Debbie and I had a normal childhood, except that, Debbie was the family's ears and voice. Since the age of four, Debbie interpreted for our parents, translating between spoken English and sign language. Due to the lack of telephone access for the deaf, Debbie often relayed conversations between hearing people and our parents on the telephone before she was old enough to understand what they were saying.