Brady Mistic, who uses American Sign Language to communicate, has sued the city of Idaho Springs, Colorado, and the officers who arrested him.
“To the best of our knowledge, this is a historical first for the White House," said the head of the National Association of the Deaf.
If you want to be a better friend to people with disabilities, start by listening to what they have to say.
For his latest movie, Ahmed wore a hearing aid and bleached his hair. But it was his internal transformation that really counted.
His daily COVID-19 briefings had been the only one by a governor without the televised service, disability rights advocates said.
"I cannot hear anymore," he said in a recent interview.
The deaf model and artist's take on Grande's smash got praise from the pop diva herself.
“The Good Place” star didn’t think it was appropriate to portray a deaf woman when opportunities for disabled actors are limited.
"I now caption all my IG stories so our deaf brothers and sisters can follow along too," the representative-elect wrote on Twitter.
The company’s first “signing store” in the United States encourages all customers to speak in ASL.
“Pretending to be deaf is NOT ok,” male model and vocal disability advocate Nyle DiMarco tweeted.
The Culture expert said he'd go to Netflix directly to bring about change in how the show is closed-captioned.
I went from not knowing ASL or any Deaf people as a child to being the graduation speaker at the world’s only Deaf university.
The fight allegedly started over the Great Dane's size and an allergy to dogs.
I excluded my disability the way someone might avoid mentioning their massive student debt on the first date.
While I'm cheering on the film, I have to ask: What is it saying about people who live in silence?
America's Deaf community is 30 million strong. We need more of them leading, especially in the workplace.
Directed by Andrew Ahn, the Sundance Now series is a first for deaf artists.