dealing with divorce

After such a long battle, I thought that I'd feel elated. Excited. But I don't feel anything like what I'd anticipated. Instead of elation, I'm feeling empty. Empty and exhausted.
He tells me about all his dates and shows me photos. OK, I insist on seeing the pictures he had, and they were all lovely looking. Pleasingly, most of them turned out to be crazy. I am impressed by the kindness and understanding he showed these women, but also gobsmacked by the essence of each story.
Recovering from something as big as a divorce can be a challenge, but staying positive can give you the opportunity to start fresh.
The now 55-year-old was married in the late ‘90s. The couple had a son five years later, but after four years they decided
As a guy I just wanted to fix whatever I could. Give everyone the appearance that I was fine and move on. The first couple of months after the divorce were a blur. I was floating, latching on to whatever I could and just trying to make it through each day.
Thanks to Facebook and my blog, most people already knew I was divorced. No one asked me if I was married. No one asked where my husband was. And while I did discuss bits and pieces of the divorce with a few people, I never once felt less than happy about where I am in life.
Divorce can feel like a roller coaster with its twists and turns and lack of control. But unlike a carnival ride, divorce isn't fun. So if the divorce roller coaster is throwing you for a loop, here are five ways to take control.
Punishing court orders pelt you until you can hardly see straight. The motions keep coming; you're in court all the time. Child Protective Services is pounding down your door and your in-laws are pressing charges. You're broke; you're incarcerated; you're terrified. Sound like a nightmare? For many, it's reality.
When it comes to post-divorce self-medicating, Haagen Dazs and chardonnay are divorced women's drugs of choice.
For kids, the holidays are supposed to be filled with joy and excitement. However, for some children who have suffered a recent loss, the holidays can be especially hard.
The Breakup Letter Every Heartbroken Woman Wished She Had Written 7. There is going to be an in-law situation and you won't
I am not the healer. But I can see the need for that masculine energy in their lives. Even in my own son's life. I see that he misses me.
Whether you initiated the divorce, or the divorce was tossed in your lap, you have the same goal: to go on with your life. And you cannot do this if you are consumed with winning, or with controlling circumstances that are beyond your control.
Divorce can be difficult for both parents and children. For children who are between the ages of 9 and 12 -- a stage in which children may already be dealing with their own emotional, physical and mental growth changes -- here are some tips that can help.
As I was pulling out of the driveway, I began to question if what had happen actually happened? Did I actually collapse? And before that, did I really just move in with my first ever roommate? And before that, did I really get divorced?
2. Know when to give your friend space. 1. Just be a friend. Knowing when to step back is just as important as knowing when
Even when both parties enter into a separation with the best intentions of reasonableness, it's difficult to keep a grip on decency amidst a maelstrom of emotional and financial insecurity.
Co-Founder of Denise Albert joins Abby to share her personal story of going through divorce and to offer some tips to women undergoing the experience.