dealing with stress

9) The Ideal Me. I like to plot out who the Ideal Me is without getting discouraged. I write out my goals -- physically, mentally
They cut you off in traffic. They tell you what to do. They don’t follow through. Who are they?
We have the opportunity to seek out the good and to learn and develop the positive from the present agony. This can be a challenge when we are witnessing unspeakable devastation. Below are five ideas to help you claim your equanimity and balance again.
I got the news no one wants after my first ever mammogram at age forty and subsequent biopsy: breast cancer. I cried. And then something amazing happened: I dealt with it. And then something even more amazing happened: I grew exponentially.
By trying to understand your mother-in-law and by showing her some compassion, you'll at least get a new perspective on her behavior and won't take her words so personally. In other words, her criticism won't affect you as much.
So the afternoon and tonight looms upon you and you are scared of the road to sadness. Like a childhood tug of war that same
Recovering from something as big as a divorce can be a challenge, but staying positive can give you the opportunity to start fresh.