Death and Dying

"'I’ve had a wonderful life, and now I can’t live it the way I want to,' he explained. 'So I’m done. And that’s OK.'"
“The Sopranos” ended 10 years ago. Did Tony Soprano get whacked? Or did he survive the series finale?
"If the unimaginable has happened to you, watching a tasteless portrayal of it in a show that’s centered around dragons — yes, dragons — is a total gut punch."
The family members, including an 8-month-old baby, were found dead in a farming area, authorities said.
"They say you never forget your first love. In my case, Diane was the only girl I ever loved."
Anatoly Gerashchenko, a former head of the Moscow Aviation Institute, is the latest Kremlin ally to suffer a tragic fate under unexpected circumstances.
Hill had been missing in Costa Rica before his family announced his death.
"Kai was, for a 59-year-old man, incredibly healthy. He ate all the right things, exercised every day, saw doctors regularly. ... But cancer found him anyway."
Kobe Bryant’s death left thousands of fans in enormous grief. But why do we experience overwhelming sadness for a person who we’ve never even met?
“As I’m sure many can understand, my thoughts about Ken Starr bring up complicated feelings…" the former White House intern's tweet began.