Death and Dying

Berkeley freshman Marco Troper was found unresponsive on Tuesday and later pronounced dead.
Authorities described the deadly incident in Florida, which occurred on Valentine's Day, as "heartbreaking."
The news prompted an outpouring of tributes to the legendary activist.
Sebastián Piñera, the two-time former president of Chile, was 74.
Celebrities from country music as well as sports and politics celebrated the singer’s memory.
The legendary host announced in December that his cancer had returned.
"Did your dad pass recently, Noah?” the medium asked. “I think this is him and he has a message. Do you want to hear it?”
Only 10 states allow medically assisted suicide, one of the most personal decisions that can arise in life.
The Las Vegas headliner was a regular on Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show."
Nigella Lawson, Hugh Jackman and Jamie Oliver were among those paying tribute to the restaurateur known as the King of Breakfast.