Death and Funeral

The cafe are part of a broader “death-positive” movement that aims to encourage more open discussion about grief, trauma and loss.
"Tell me how to grieve when we're not permitted to have a funeral... when the precious body of my child disappeared into the back of a funeral home minivan, never to be seen again."
Your words matter. Avoid these phrases when comforting someone who lost a loved one to COVID-19.
The overwhelmed funeral home resorted to putting dozens of bodies in the rented vehicles.
Along with deaths, the pandemic has led to a lot of loss -- of jobs, special occasions, and more. Here's how to help.
Experts share advice for mourning a loved one in the time of the coronavirus pandemic.
An untold number of burials around the globe are going forward with nothing more than a priest, a funeral home employee and a single loved one.
The student-runners were killed after a 57-year-old man under the influence of alcohol drove into a crowd, Oklahoma police said.
Etiquette experts share 16 faux pas to avoid during mourning rituals.
Laurel is best known for playing the role of Ivanka in the Tony Award-winning musical “Once."