death certificate

You may not have as much control as you'd like after your parent's death, so be proactive now.
"Last Week Tonight" looks at how screwed up the coroner business is and what it would take to fix it.
The cause of death for the notorious Boston mob boss was listed as “blunt force injuries of the head" while imprisoned.
We should be thinking of these drugs in combination, not isolation, researchers say.
Genderqueer residents can now have their birth and death certificates amended to reflect their gender identity.
"When you're a loved one waiting for that information; that's heart-breaking."
Neither of us had looked forward to this FINAL TALK. We had prepared ourselves for questions that might be confrontational, challenging or just plain uncomfortable to answer. They never happened.
But it's not only the Social Security Administration that's been known to make a mistake. Wrenella Pierre, also of Florida
Even the Girl Scouts of the USA were tainted with scandal this year when a New York area finance director was found to have
Nothing, it seemed, was unusual about Joseph Shepter's death. A retired U.S. government scientist, Shepter spent his final