Deb Haaland

Even some Republicans are pulling for the Native American congresswoman to get a historic appointment.
Tribal leaders are urging the president-elect to make history by picking the Native American congresswoman to oversee public lands.
The bill spotlights the “intergenerational trauma” faced by Indigenous people after children were forcibly separated from their parents and put into white boarding schools.
Thanksgiving should be a time to reflect on the work of indigenous communities and Native people around the world. Here are their stories.
Reps. Ayanna Pressley, Deb Haaland and Katie Porter will serve on Elizabeth Warren's presidential campaign.
The lawsuit alleged that public figures defamed eight Kentucky students following their now-viral encounter with an indigenous activist in Washington, D.C.
They may not agree on much, but some in Congress can agree that it's time to do away with Columbus Day.
House appropriators say artwork throughout the complex is offensive and tours are "not always respectful."
The New Mexico congresswoman announced the bill the day of a nationwide ride-share drivers strike.