Tiffany Trump Pulls Aways From Her Father's Attempted Kiss
Mehmet Oz & John Fetterman faced off in their only debate before Pennsylvanians vote for their next senator and the Republican nominee raised eyebrows with his views on abortion access.
The Democrat's difficulty recovering from a nearly fatal stroke was apparent in the Senate candidates’ first and only head-to-head matchup in Pennsylvania.
The use of the prop drew a rebuke from the moderator at the Senate rivals' debate: “You’re very well aware of the rules, aren’t you?”
At the same time, Rep. Ryan, a Democrat, tried to emphasize that he's a moderate who agrees with Trump some of the time.
John Cox was the target of flung papers related to unpaid debts from his 2018 campaign for governor.
How do you share your opinion with someone who likes to play devil's advocate without the convo descending into a debate (or worse, an argument)? Read on.
During a debate for the Georgia Senate runoff, Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) said “there is not a racist bone” in her body.
It's hard to walk a straight line with the Georgia GOP senator's broken-record debate attack, gamers discovered.
"So arrogant that he’s not with us here today to answer questions,” Ossoff said of no-show Republican Sen. David Perdue.