John Cox was the target of flung papers related to unpaid debts from his 2018 campaign for governor.
How do you share your opinion with someone who likes to play devil's advocate without the convo descending into a debate (or worse, an argument)? Read on.
During a debate for the Georgia Senate runoff, Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) said “there is not a racist bone” in her body.
It's hard to walk a straight line with the Georgia GOP senator's broken-record debate attack, gamers discovered.
"So arrogant that he’s not with us here today to answer questions,” Ossoff said of no-show Republican Sen. David Perdue.
The Georgia Democratic Senate candidate called Sen. David Perdue a “crook” for his response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Donald Trump and Joe Biden will have their microphones cut off while the other delivers opening answers to each debate topic.
Voters have just one last chance to see President Donald Trump and Joe Biden debate before they head to the polls on November 3rd.
During the Senate debate, Iowa Republican Sen. Joni Ernst was asked about the price of soybeans, but she fumbled and got it wrong.
The Senator majority leader is called out for failing to pass additional relief measures to help Americans struggling through the pandemic.