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The House of Representatives will soon boast a new addition to its pro-gun control caucus, but the journey required to achieve this end has further demonstrated the futility of an existing campaign finance framework already on life support.
With a little help from Mike Bloomberg, former Illinois legislator Robin Kelly won the Democratic nomination in the race to replace ex-U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. John Celock joins Ahmed to discuss.
Among those other nine House races, two were dominated by Independence USA PAC -- California's 35th district and Florida's
Normally a Democratic Congressional primary would attract little national attention. But the contest Tuesday in Illinois' Second Congressional District pitted two political giants against each other: the National Rifle Association and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
In yet another poll by We Ask America, reported Saturday by Fox Chicago, Kelly had an overwhelming lead over Halvorson -- 37
"The mayor has been clear that on issues that are of significant import around the country, he is not going to shy away from
Independence USA Super PAC is about to surpass $1 million in ads attacking Halvorson, reported Politico. The group has run
Former Rep. Debbie Halvorson (D-Ill.), a onetime close ally of the National Rifle Association, is backing away from the controversial
A spokesman for the group told the Chicago Tribune that the ad will be backed by a "significant" purchase of airtime. A super
(Read below for an updated list of hopeful Jackson Jr. successors.) The special election to replace Jackson will be held
In 2012, political women everywhere "suited up;" joined the game; stepped-up to bat; and hit the ball out of the park. We are now in the major political leagues. Wherever it is, we are in the political room. We are at the table in the room. Now, the question is: how to run that table?
Meanwhile, another well-known local headline-grabber announced he is also looking into running for the seat. Pastor Corey
"People are very confused," Halvorson told NPR of Jackson's ethics probe. "They don't know how Rod Blagojevich can be going
Looking for more? The Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Tribune both have elaborate election pages including race profiles
The Chicago Tribune, which endorsed Jackson last month, on Friday featured an extensive video interview between the two candidates
In a separate appearance at Northwestern University, Pelosi blasted the 2010 Supreme Court "Citizens United" ruling on campaign
"Congresswoman Halvorson wants people to believe she's a progressive Democrat, but she votes like a conservative Republican
As U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. fights to keep his seat in Illinois' 2nd District, his supporters have expressed willingness
The Super Committee's failure to come up with a plan to cut the deficit will be devastating for low-income pregnant women, infants and children.
Who are these people that we've sent to Washington to represent us? Do they live in this country? Do they see the same news reports, pass the same shuttered businesses, hear the same desperate stories from their friends and family? One has to wonder.