Debbie Lesko

But the GOP had to spend over $1.2 million to keep control of the once-safe seat.
Democrat Hiral Tipirneni's race against Republican Debbie Lesko has been surprisingly close.
In a special election, Democrats see a shot at long-term gains in the red state.
Backers of the bill have said the court's concerns now have been remedied by the new rules. Opponents dispute that. Planned
He described the processing fee as another way to charge women for using birth control. Under the wording of the bill, women
After the Republican sponsor of a controversial Arizona contraception bill hijacked a Democratic news conference and called
It's time for Republicans to recognize that women should have at least as much power in their lives as they imagine a fertilized egg has.
The Republicans have managed to alienate the majority of American women, but I can't imagine that the GOP's angry, white, male base is going to like this. The Republicans are in for a headache that no health professional can cure.
Lesko's bill resembles recent efforts on the federal level to repeal the Obama administration's contraception mandate, which