Debit card

If you're a parent of a middle schooler, consider using this summer as an opportunity to teach a little more financial know
Ironically, nearly 75 percent of people with student loans never finish their degree for one reason or another. They are
Most people think of me as the "godfather of hip-hop," and believe me, I'm proud of that title, but I know that one of my most important contribution in business has been providing a financial service for millions of Americans.
* Zero-liability coverage extension to take effect in Oct (Adds analysts' comments, background, share movement) MasterCard
The bank on Thursday launched a new kind of account, known as the "SafeBalance" account, which costs $4.95 a month and comes
Los Angeles approved ID cards for undocumented immigrants, saying they'll help immigrants engage in civic life. But could the cards set them up as targets for INS?
As banks continue to search for new ways to boost profits as regulation, low interest rates and a sluggish economy have put
While the average American is making less and the income gap widens, profits in the banking industry are higher than they were pre-recession.
"We see that consumers feel that they have been taken hostage," said Angela Harvey, vice president of marketing for Money
For some borrowers who pay their bills in full every month, the rewards offered by some credit cards seem too good to pass
Dear Everyone: Please stop posting your debit card online. Your friends, @NeedADebitCard. And then there are tweets that
The revised disclosures also make it easier to see differences in other fees, like those for out-of-network ATMs. Wells Fargo
Regions Bank, which has branches in 16 states, has strategized to keep lower income customers. The bank has launched a savings
Collis uses her Visa credit card, issued by a local bank, for everything she can, from her $3 morning coffee at Standard
An annual survey from, a website that tracks financial rates, identified 57 banks or credit unions in the United
Myth 4. They can help your credit score. Prepaid cards have nothing to do with a person's credit record because no debt is
American Express' move to get a younger, online-savvy audience is one way the company is competing for greater market share
The change affects customers in five states, including Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Maryland, as
Before regulation was passed to make the overdraft protection optional, banks not only raked in billions in fees, they also