Debra Winger

The "Watch What Happens Live" host called the show "rough."
The seasoned co-stars talk misogyny, rom-coms and the state of celebrity culture.
With a juicy dramatic role in HBO's smash success Confirmation and weekly chance to show off her hilarious comedic chops
According to its songwriter, Michael Schumacher... "'Brisé,' written for choreographer Liz Gerring, features bits of glass
In my last post, I talked about two kinds of faith, and it was clear from the responses that some don't think faith can seek understanding and thus undergo scrutiny. I presented the 20th century writer and intellectual C. S. Lewis as an example of that type of faith. I hope to clarify my meaning.
My cinematic crème de la crème takes many forms. It may be one line of dialogue all on its own, or an entire scene's worth. It might be a look or a gesture from one character to another, or to no one in particular. It might be as simple as the quality of light the director captured at a window in early morning.
Boychoir, a new feel-good, but very real and inspirational drama that screens at the Windsor International Film Festival, serves up both music and a story that is, well, transcendental.
In this exclusive audio montage I talk with gay and straight celebrity filmmakers at the 16th annual Provincetown International Film Festival press luncheon.
"Love is Strange" -- directed by Ira Sachs "Hector: Lost Souls with Switchblades" -- directed by Jeff Compton "Last Farewell
This week I talked with Jared Earley, Interim Managing Director of the Provincetown International Film Festival, which is