Photo Credit: Nicole Mago Stephan: The Click Five show was great because it was at The Vibe Lounge which is pretty small
"I learned to play 3 instruments over a few years," James said with a big smile. "I started playing drums at 10 years old
So what is it like being the only guy? "It can be a scary thing," Ryder admits. "But it also had an incredible impact on
Writers tend to feel inspired by writers that are both from their own time and before them. When a reader picks up Ashley Mansour's debut novel, Blood, Ink & Fire, it's easy to spot similarities to Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451.
On Postcards From Berlin, we follow [debut] as they discover their unique sound. Still a work in progress, [debut]'s music is highly cinematic and evocative, utilizing dark, electronically produced beats and synth paired with ethereal pianos, strings and female vocals.
During a time when so much of hip-hop is saturated with blatant sexual references, we have Joey whose album dropped on what is hard to believe is only his 20th birthday. The album permeates with an introspection and lyricism found in someone much older than Joey's 20 years.
(c) David Newton-Dunn (2014) The link that enabled the two men to come together--marking Gardiner's Princeton debut--is the
Check out the teaser for Bryan Cranston's new Broadway show.
For Hailey, the choice was simple. "I never really get to kick anyone's ass," she jokes. "And I finally got to. It was amazing
On February 5, twenty-one year old Daniil Trifonov had two monumental milestones in one day -- his Carnegie hall recital debut, and major classical label Deutsche Grammophon recording it live to release as an album later this year.