If you know someone in hospital this holiday season, a visit from you could turn out to be the best gift of all. Mercy Hospital
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'Tis the season, as they say, but this year Outspeak wants to take a different approach to celebrating the holidays in order to give everyone a little more perspective on the world we live in.
Christianity teaches believers to hold the needs of others above the needs of self. Christmas is the annual expression of that ongoing commitment. Giving to others and sacrificing for others are the lodestars of our planet's largest religion.
Because the Happy Birthday/Happy Holidays combo gift gets old.
Christmas tree or Chanukah menorah or both? December portends heated Christmas/Chanukah-dilemma conversations for an increasing number of interfaith families. I
Barack Obama's job approval polling numbers, at times, seem to follow seasonal trends. He usually loses ground in the summer, particularly in August. In winter, however, he usually gains ground. This year Obama seems likely to repeat this pattern, if December's numbers are any indication.
If you've never visited New York City during the holidays, put it on your list. Right now. There are few places in the world that feel as "Christmassy" as New York.
I was out walking in the Irish countryside near where I live -- when a faint shape appeared in the sky like a transparent mountain, reaching right up into the heavens. I knew immediately what it meant.
From January through November I'm a big believer In shooting for the stars (Yes, I'm an overachiever) So I pick several areas
With December upon us, media outlets have begun to release their "Best of" lists, magazine covers and other articles that showcase the most popular of the year.
Even simply knowing exactly what you're paying each month can be tough if you're repaying multiple loans with different billing systems, interest rates and complications. Here are three things you can do before December ends in order to save yourself both money and time in 2015.
The holiday season may present a packed calendar with parties, trips, and work to finish up, but don't wait until 2015 to make resolutions, start something new, or to make self-improvements.
Embark on the journey with us to discover your own winter spirit, the art of giving, stress-relieving traditions and smarter
Today, I'm sharing holiday videos from women's colleges as they celebrate the holidays, offering season's greetings, holiday wishes, and Christmas cheer!
Like many December babies I worry that my birthday is marginalized by Christ's birthday. I put on a brave face, but for a guy who was all about humility, he sure makes a big deal about his birthday.
Young students shouldn't be rushed into making a decision about their education without really knowing what that decision means.
I somehow had to go along with this Santa myth to protect the practices and beliefs of other families while de-prioritizing the beliefs my husband and I were endeavoring to instill in our own. How is that fair?
Check out the slideshow below, take a moment to reenergize your spirit and indulge in a mental walk through a winter wonderland