Our lives hang in the balance. Surely, goodness and mercy will follow us all. At every point of resistance, any threat of
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When people are presented with disagreeable facts they tend to double down on their own truth.
Listen to your heart. That is where the truth is. Listen to the heart and you will not feel you made a mistake when you decide
For most of us, moving to a new apartment is a big deal. This means we have to take care of every little detail of this stage of transitioning to an entirely different world. For some, however, moving is just another regular affair.
My clients are experienced professionals who are on the verge of burning out. We work together on how to live a Leadership Lifestyle.
The moral behind this story is that we'll always find the best solutions within ourselves. We just need to find the most effective way to get there when things tend to get blurry within our heads.
A pair of shoes can showcase your individual style, and when you go shoe shopping you usually gravitate towards something that matches your style. But it's also awesome to take risks and try new things. A college near home can offer a community you already know, and being close to family is appealing. But going somewhere completely new and faraway is just as exciting.
Just recently, I made a very big decision that has provided me with a lot of peace. I know that this decision is a scary one, and I know that big things are on the horizon, however, I am going to stand strong in this decision and see what unfolds before me.
Entrepreneurs make dozens of decisions every day. Often, we don't even think twice about the options laid out before us; we just instinctively choose. And yet there are so many variables affecting the choices we make, such as emotions, perceived outcome (risks and rewards), former experience or education, stress, and the list goes on.
Draw a hard line between the good choices and bad; there's no point mulling over things that just aren't good for you. Of course, you should always trust your gut. Your gut feeling is based on all of those previous experiences and intuitive feelings you may not understand or even remember, but it won't lead you astray.
I heard a rumor the other day, someone said they think multi passionate people are indecisive not multi passionate. I agree to a point. But only because all humans can come across times where they feel indecisive. If you are multi passionate it does not necessarily mean you are bat shit crazy indecisive, flopping all over the place like a mad person.
Your attention expands and amplifies everything. Focusing on an event, a moment, a person's traits, or an emotion will reveal more detail and that detail will attract more detail... on and on... consuming your consciousness.
So why do we give ourselves a pass, while attributing an obnoxious status to others? Why does our gut always make us out to be the good guys, and other people bad guys? Clearly, there is a disconnect between our gut reaction and reality here.
Hmmm... I believe the Universe was telling me to have faith and not to obsess about the outcome to my decisions. Perhaps
Always watch the HOW imperative. There is no real final answer to the WHY anyway.
Apply these eight rules when weighing your options to ensure that your decisions always play out in your favor:
I talked to a lot of people about transferring, and they all gave different advice. If I could give a potential transfer student one piece of advice, it would be to really listen to yourself. Are you happy? Is this what you want? Do you think this change will lead to your fulfillment?