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Was decluttering your home one of your New Year's goals? Are you striving to live stress free? Clutter comes in various shapes and forms including the physical and emotional. The unwillingness to tackle an unwanted pile may be more than just procrastination.
The definition of organize is, "to cause to develop an organic structure." Organic is defined as, "having systematic coordination of parts." Coordination is the key word. This means things working together. There is a healthy flow. There's no presence of disruption. There's no clutter.
All 10 of these tiny homes prove that space is relative. Your home is only as tiny as you let it feel. So, apply these space-saving tips and storage tricks when you can. Because you deserve to have a bigger home without actually paying for one.
7. Family room: The ratio-reduction rule. If you have a difficult time knowing where to start decluttering, try using the
These expert techniques from Molly Graves and Ashley Murphy, the founders of NEAT Method, will turn your space from chaotic
The last time we moved, three years ago, I had the Herculean task of consolidating beautiful things from many years of living in a large home into a proper amount that would fit into an apartment... across the country. This time, the move will not be nearly as far-flung, and the space will be relatively the same, just reconfigured. So, it will be a "breeze." I thought.
Most people downsize when their kids are out of the house -- looking for warmer weather or hoping for less upkeep than a big home requires. But if you're not sure you're ready for the simpler life, we're talking through the surefire signs it's time.
** "When there's a client who says, 'I need to keep these things,' I tell them to put them away in a box, and if you don't
Americans are stressed out, and their cluttered homes aren't helping matters: A recent Huffington Post survey found that
It may sting a little, but you'll be happy you did it.