deep freeze

"She sold me her frozen mother for $30. How do you do something like that?"
A word to the wise: do not go outside.
One of the revived tardigrades even managed to reproduce.
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Here we are just days into the new year and already we have some issues with 2015. Here are 15 reasons why the air is leaving our 2015 balloon.
Holy windchill, Batman. Temperatures are breaking records on the lowest end of the thermometer all across the Southern and Eastern parts of the country today, and things probably won't warm up until later this week.
*Shiver* And regular bottles of water are almost instantly turning to ice. Just when you thought the indoors would protect
Winters have become increasingly warmer over the past century, and despite the recent bout of subzero temps, global warming
The $122 million resort is the first in North America to incorporate Swarovski crystal elements into every aspect of its design. They're everywhere and they look like icicles, which is in keeping with a theme.