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Bonus: more products Games are computationally challenging because they run physics simulation, AI logic, rendering, and
Here are a few examples, with a conversational hook thrown in: This makes sense; our educational institutions trained us
This is a bit of a cliche at this point, but my end goal for my career is to solve the problem of intelligence. It is unclear
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As we celebrate Labor Day this month in the US, it is worth reflecting on the past, present and future of the labor force and its role in shaping modern society. The labor movement really took off in the 19th century along with the industrial revolution, where one begat the other. Today, we are clearly in the midst of another revolution beset by advances in intelligent and affective computing.
Answer by François Chollet, Deep learning researcher at Google, author of Keras, on Quora: The most important decision was
When using this for games we also have to assume that the environment is out to get us. That is, the other player also wants
1. The continued transition from "Mad Men" to"Math Men." (It should be "Math People" - I know, I know - but alliteration
We cannot pass over in silence the secret agreement made in September 2015, giving Google's subsidiary DeepMind access to confidential medical records of 1.6 million Britons.
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In machine learning, the ultimate goal is to train a machine or computer to learn and infer like a human, taking into account much more information and making better decisions in exponentially less time than humans are able to do.
The progress in ML in the past decade---the progress that led to stuff like IBM Watson, AlphaGo, etc.---strikes me as genuine
So I'm excited about Deep Learning because so many long-standing fields are excited about it. And I'm interested in understanding
I do expect it to solve a growing number of problems at companies which in aggregate make various little bits of the world
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AI has been subject matter for science fiction for a long time now. Every SciFi show you can think of has a intelligent computer or robot as a sidekick or with some prominent role.
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By now, you've likely heard about AlphaGo's 4-1 triumph over a human expert at Go, an ancient game so complicated that many experts in the field had projected such a win was still a decade away.
"There are only so many PhDs."'s Vinod Iyengar is another player in ML market. He's Director of Marketing for the
In the near future, AI, big data, shared desires and interests will shape the future of relationships between humans and