Deep South

Officials say the death toll is expected to rise as rescuers continue to search for survivors.
Southern states have the highest rates of new HIV and AIDS diagnoses, the largest percentage of people living with the disease
Two days after President Trump’s inauguration, I visited the Islamic Society of Baltimore* as part of a Jain-Muslim interfaith
The second episode in New Deep South series by The Front explores the life of a young trans person in Mississippi.
Lesbian film luminary, Guinevere Turner guest stars in the brand new episode of Capitol Hill. Waxie Moon returns as Roses Smell in need of much therapy.
Noted travel writer and novelist Paul Theroux's new book, Deep South, brings very mixed reactions. On more than one occasion, I wondered, "Where does this guy get off saying that?" And I grab the book and want to hurl it through the window.
Timothy Lampkin is a 29-year-old Community Development Consultant in Clarksdale, Mississippi. I spoke with the sharp-minded activist about what fueled his drive to reshape the region, the challenges ahead, his ultimate end goal, and the calculated plan for achieving it.
Like the civil rights movement of the 1960s that spread throughout the south, organizers hope their push to increase the minimum wage will spread to other cities. They are already planning efforts in other Alabama cities.
But it was not to be so simple. Having reduced Lee's army by attrition and gotten it on the run, Grant didn't bother himself