by guest blogger Ava Anderson, natural-beauty expert and safe-cosmetics advocate Here's what you do and don't want in your
Mosquitoes can actually bend that needle-like snout -- called a proboscis -- to hunt around for a blood vessel under your
You apply bug spray before sunscreen. The CDC suggests doing just the opposite: Put on sunscreen before bug spray. And this
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Fortunately, there are much safer alternatives found in natural food stores, and with carefully chosen essential oils, you
Protecting yourself from bites is important, but if the repellent annoys the mosquito, have you ever wondered if it can also hurt you?
Those vets with this set of health problems -- often referred to as "Gulf War Illness" -- have not been improving since the end of their service. And their symptoms picture is shared by many others who never served in the military.
The fight against mosquito bites can take many forms, from the myriad sartorial options available (for the fashion-challenged) to the stuff you spray or smooth on to your skin. But which are the safest?
Be wary of the mosquitoes but don't let them scare you off because you'll be missing out on a bounty full of beauty and many friendly island characters.
While US casualties in Iraq appear relatively low -- 4,100 dead and 35,000 wounded -- the real health costs of Iraq will, as in the case of the First Gulf War, not be known for years.
To many, biting insects are the very definition of annoying. Plus, mosquitoes and ticks can sometimes carry diseases, from
Dear EarthTalk: Is it true that the DEET used in most mosquito repellents is toxic? If so what problems does it cause? And