A new report shows just how easy it is to get access to voting machines.
Confirming what we already knew -- our voting systems are awfully vulnerable.
What if driving your car exposed you to the tender mercies of online criminals the same way that using a credit card at Target last fall did?
Moss says he invited them the first year because he figured they would come anyway. They politely declined, then showed up
“It’s a way for people to chat securely in real time,” Auernheimer said. “Pretty much everybody I know uses it. It’s about
In Las Vegas this weekend, a different kind of Olympics is unfolding, with athletes testing their skills, determination and courage in digital contests at DEFCON, one of the oldest and most important hacker conventions in the world.
(Reuters) - Computer geeks attending the world's largest annual hacking party in Las Vegas next week will have a rare chance
Byun says that he decided to help Emick take down Anonymous after learning that Anonymous members were planning to attack
The government would prefer to hire young computer experts because they typically don’t have a history of financial woes
Facebook will pay a minimum of $500 for valuable information so long as the hacker agrees to not disclose the flaw until