defense budget

$54 billion here, $54 billion there, and pretty soon you're talking real money.
It is exceedingly dangerous to impose fantasies of World War II on the realities of tomorrow’s battlefields.
The American imperium will die. The only question is how Washington responds.
"But Mr. Johnson did not succeed," the Times reported. "While overseas" - in Afghanistan - "a female soldier in Mr. Johnson's
After 15 years of grinding war with no obvious end in sight, pundit outrage may be misplaced. Focusing on Washington rather than on distant war zones, it becomes clear that the military establishment does indeed have a strategy, a highly successful one, which is to protect and enhance its own prosperity.
Listening to all the campaign trail chatter of increasing defense spending, one could conclude that deficit reduction has fallen off the political radar. But, it this what the voters want?
Rejecting both accurate accounting and actual accountability, the Defense Department has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to keeping Americans in the dark about the activities being carried out with their dollars and in their name.
The U.S. plans on filling Eastern Europe with thousands of troops along with vehicles and weapons to equip an armored combat brigade. Uncle Sam may be bankrupt, but nothing is too expensive for our pampered European allies, who enjoy greater wealth while spending far less on the military.
This new militarized strategy was called a "pivot to Asia." Of course, Washington had never left Asia. Still, troops and
Imagine parents endlessly praising their son as "the smartest, handsomest, most athletically gifted boy since God created Adam." We'd conclude that they were thoroughly obnoxious, if not a bit unhinged. Yet the military remains just this sort of favored son, the country's golden child. And to the golden child go the spoils.