Defense Finance and Contracts

Failure to agree on spending led to a partial three-day shutdown of government agencies last month.
Another good year for weapons makers is guaranteed.
The chief danger now may be that Pyongyang will believe the Trump administration is preparing to act when it is not.
During the mid-1930s, a best-selling exposé of the international arms trade, combined with a U.S. Congressional investigation
It's not the first time the U.S. has been on the verge of making an extraordinary mistake.
House and Senate Republicans are committed to cutting entitlement programs and, in so doing, forcing Donald Trump to renege on a crucial promise to his voters.
At this week's Department of Education ongoing public meeting to advance Betsy DeVos's plan to repeal and replace the Obama
Although the U.S. peace movement has been on the wane for about a decade, it remains a viable force in American life. Organizations
Making nuclear weapons usable again.