defense industry

"If you sell arms to a coalition headed by Saudi Arabia that bombs Yemen, then you can't complain when there are Yemenis fleeing their country."
The greater we supported the corrupt government in Kabul and the more American troops we sent, the more the Taliban prospered. A similar dynamic is at play in Iraq. Consequently, without a change in American policy the cycle of violence in Iraq will continue its ghastly spiral.
- Alex Their, the U.S. Agency for International Development's Director for the Office of Afghanistan and Pakistan Affairs
How can we be sure the Department of Defense is receiving unbiased counsel from retired officials whose livelihoods now depends on maximizing profits for their new employers?
For its part, Russia has also faced criticism for its weapons dealings with Syria, which remains embroiled in a civil war
Employment, including a helicopter operation, is hovering around 1,600, down from around 8,000 in the plant's late 1990s
The best way America can establish the infrastructure for long-term security and stability in Afghanistan is less through military means and more through improvements to quality of life and basic services.
What if 2012 produced no new wars and saw existing conflicts all wind down to a negotiated peace?
National security advisers to the Republican presidential candidates have ties to defense, homeland security and energy companies
"Sequestration is bad," he said, referring to the additional budget cuts required because a congressional "super committee