Defense Secretary

Many GOP lawmakers shrugged off the retired four-star Marine general’s criticism.
Mattis faces a legal challenge if he accepts the job.
Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani also attended the meetings.
The former defense secretary said he doesn't even know what Trump's plan is to handle ISIS.
Carter will be Obama's fourth defense secretary, succeeding Chuck Hagel, who resigned under pressure last year. (Reporting
Carter also expressed interest in expanding counter-terrorism cooperation with Pakistan and advancing efforts to arm and
According to the AP, White House officials insisted no final decision has been reached. A Republican senator told the AP
It is with enormous sorrow that I watched Hagel's tenure ended at the half-way mark by a President who seems to have forgotten the pledge he made to Americans when he was elected: to finally craft a sane foreign policy, devoid of hubris, and over-reliance on military solutions.
From one secretary of defense to another, job well done. A Wikipedia user briefly edited Howard's online entry to identify
He presented General John Paxton, the assistant commandant of the Marine Corps, with a plaque. WASHINGTON, Feb 6 (Reuters