Defense Secretary

Mattis faces a legal challenge if he accepts the job.
Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani also attended the meetings.
The former defense secretary said he doesn't even know what Trump's plan is to handle ISIS.
Carter, 60, who was approved in a 93-5 vote, served as deputy defense secretary, the Pentagon's No. 2 position, from 2011
Carter's hearing will be closely watched by Lockheed Martin Corp, Boeing Co and other big weapons makers, which are waiting
It is with enormous sorrow that I watched Hagel's tenure ended at the half-way mark by a President who seems to have forgotten the pledge he made to Americans when he was elected: to finally craft a sane foreign policy, devoid of hubris, and over-reliance on military solutions.
"Secretary Hagel congratulated Howard on his record-breaking game and a great run in Brazil. He invited Howard and the entire
Just how far the Marines - and the Army, Navy and Air Force - have to go to achieve full auditability was suggested by the
"I don't want the Russians thinking they have a superior nuclear force," he said, adding it was also important to maintain
Under his authority, the president may also enact reforms regarding "good order and discipline in the military." One way
Once the politically-generated 'fiscal cliff' stalled in January with modestly raised tax revenues while cutting unemployment benefits, the first sequestration budget cut kicked in on March 1st despite a White House list of potentially horrendous cuts to education, transit, health care, housing, etc.
Earlier this month, Rubio also said that he was skeptical of President Barack Obama's pick to succeed outgoing Defense Secretary
Mississippi GOP Sen. Thad Cochran on Tuesday became the first Republican to publicly back Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) as President
* Meeting with Schumer was kept secret Hagel also promised to continue a program to deliver F-35 joint strike fighters to
WASHINGTON, Jan 10 (Reuters) - Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said on Thursday he had directed the U.S. military services