deflated footballs

"Deflategate" is back in the news, and not because Tom Brady's appeal is set for Tuesday, June 23rd. No, it's the report related to the entire investigation that brought the news back to the forefront. And the news, Patriots fans, is good news for Tom Brady.
We may now have a smoking gun in the ongoing Deflategate controversy. A former NFL quarterback claims he observed Patriots quarterback Tom Brady using beat-up footballs during a game.
Everyone from late night hosts to Science Guys are weighing in on #Deflategate, but one comedian recently said he has "no
Why do some athletes and coaches cheat? The quick answer: because they can. Research on the psychology of cheating suggests "a desire for fairness" is a common rational among some cheaters. It's that childish statement, "Everybody else is doing it."
"My balls, I wouldn't want anyone touching those. I would zip those up." Tom Brady just said that at this afternoon's press conference. And this morning, I tweeted Joe Scarborough, a man I normally can't stand, thanking him for defending Tom Brady's balls.
While "deflategate" may add to the perception that Brady's achievements should be viewed with suspicion, the scandal's own "intangibles" have caused it to fall short of the smoking gun his detractors were hoping for.
This could have all been avoided if he just said footballs. Video produced by Oliver Noble. On Thursday, New England Patriots
Despite the NFL probe, the show must go on. The Patriots are set to face the NFC champion Seattle Seahawks on February 1st