Defund the police

The coronavirus pandemic has both highlighted and worsened racial, social and economic inequalities in the United States. In 2020, activists took to the streets to demand justice against police brutality, anti-immigrant policies and more.
The former president revealed how he'd spin the rallying cry to redirect government funding from the police.
The president-elect told civil rights leaders that the GOP "beat the living hell out of us" because of messaging like "defund the police," according to The Intercept.
Former President Barack Obama criticized demands to “defund the police,” a phrase that was popularized during months of protests against police brutality.
Progressive Democrats, including Ilhan Omar and Cori Bush, criticized the former president for painting defunding as little more than a divisive "slogan."
Republicans spotlighted an unpopular activist slogan, but it's not all the fault of progressives.
Grassroots organizing by groups like Black Lives Matter delivered criminal justice reform victories in America’s most populous county.
West Virginia's Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin said his party does not have a "crazy socialist agenda" that supports defunding the police.
The "Inside The NBA" analyst and former star seized attention with his comments on police reform.
These survivors don't want their experiences to justify the continued overfunding of law enforcement.