A character from a recurring "Kroll Show" sketch might've had a cameo on the Canadian show.
Since TV dramas took up the issue in the 1990s, real-life incidents have become all too common.
Drama? Check. Teen romance? Check. Drake cameo? TBD.
After so many years of constant twists and turns, it was only fitting for "Degrassi" to stir up a little drama of its own
"Degrassi" is the offshoot of a dramatic Canadian TV franchise reaching back to 1979. The many youth-oriented issues it portrayed
I met Imali years in the dog park where she was tossing Frisbees to Quincey, her sleek Doberman Pinscher. Quincey was one lucky dog!
If you’re a fan of Degrassi: The Next Generation but you’ve never watched Comedy Central’s Kroll Show, do yourself a favor