Deion Sanders

The Jackson State football coach, a Hall of Fame retired pro, griped that the journalist was being "cute."
Richie Lewis was an elite college pitcher and a dynamic Major League Baseball player who faced off against some of the biggest
Former Major League Baseball player Richie Lewis says he’s been struggling with depression ever since injuries cut his baseball
He just burned his son on Twitter in the best way.
He encourages Sanders to let his son blaze his own trail. "As a father, you have to let him walk his own path," Snoop says
“He’s not the first gay guy in the NFL, he’s the first one to come out," he said of Sam at the time. "Let’s get that straight
"I would not be great on 'Dancing With The Stars.' I'll show you why," Sanders said, directing the camera to point directly
"Often times, you got 53 guys on a roster, another 8-10 on the practice squad, and everyone's not for you. Even though you're
"You can't blame him for the idiot play-calling at the end of the game, because it was [idiocy]. Run the football. Second
Deion Sanders joins HuffPost Live to talk about his famous "Prime Time" dance.