Delancey Street

Delancey is the memoir of a young woman's decision to open a restaurant with her husband in Seattle. Picking it up from my bookshelf, I was expecting to find the kind of feel-good but ultimately frivolous narrative that often characterizes writings on food. I was wrong.
As a domestic violence and sexual assault prosecutor in the 1990s, I served in the immediate aftermath of the Violence Against Women Act, and California's Nicole Brown laws allowing previous uncharged acts of family violence or sexual assault as evidence in court, so I saw the VAWA effect up close.
New York
Nicknamed the Lowline, the plan would use existing fiber optic technology to light and power the space. An aboveground collector
New York
Josh Benson of the DOT said the plan would transform Delancey into a neighborhood street rather than a dangerous highway
New York
Next time you're heading over the Williamsburg Bridge to Brooklyn, be sure to check out the public school on the south side. PS 110's roof is covered in owls.