What gets under my skin about Facebook is how much communication it enables, but how little it delivers. There are no conversations, only voicing of opinions. Advice from every direction about any situation a person can mention. Constant typing, talking, sharing, but no one listening.
McDonald told The Huffington Post in an email that his team isn't giving up, and that they're already working on a relaunch
We all confront mortality at some point. In response, Facebook created memorial profile pages, which allow us to visit, chat, and stay connected with our dearly departed friends and family.
Were you affected by the bug? Do you think Facebook is going too far in requesting copies of people's IDs? Weigh in below
Although the new deletion feature could help users leave the social networking site more easily, The Next Web notes they'll
Last week we asked you, our readers, to tell us why you're planning on leaving Facebook (if you actually are, that is). Well
If you say nothing about social networks making unilateral decisions about your privacy, you give the courts a green light to read that society has a laissez faire attitude towards privacy online.
There's also the less drastic option of simply deactiving your Facebook account, which puts it on a sort of "temporary hiatus
On the other hand, if you want to delete your Facebook account without waiting until May 31 (or June) here's how. The movement