delivery drones

Prime Air drones can carry packages weighing up to 5 pounds.
The retailer wants to test drones for its grocery pickup service, which it has recently expanded to 23 markets.
The retail giant will use drones manufactured in China.
Seattle-based has been pursuing its goal of sending packages to customers by air, using small, self-piloted aircraft
In a spoof video released earlier this month, Netflix teases a new "Drone 2 Home" same day DVD delivery service, meant to
But the poll also found that people are worried about allowing private companies' delivery drones to take over the sky. Forty
"All automation displaces and ends union jobs," Partridge said. When it comes to the drones, "We haven't done any serious
Jeff Bezos announced plans for ‘Amazon Prime Air,’ a service that utilizes small drones for quick deliveries. What are the legal, ethical and practical considerations of a drone-based delivery service? Will this grand plan ever get off the ground?
Perhaps Mayday, in its implied greatness, is just another Amazonian invasion of our privacy we should be wary of.
Prime Air was unveiled to Rose and "60 Minutes" as a surprise, the secret project being part of Amazon's busy R&D department