The traffic cop asked the driver if he happened to have a flux capacitor.
Never just a novelty act, the musician has toured rigorously over three decades, and released new material - most notably
Previous to the movie series, DMC was insolvent by 1982. Only 9,000 DeLorean cars were ever manufactured. John DeLorean's
In the near future, this means that these cars will still be rare, but not nearly as rare as they are considered at the present
The boy emerged and introduced himself as Marty McFly, and asked if she was "The Harriet Tubman". Harriet did not say a word. he also knew there was a bounty on her head. This boy looked like he was intending to collect.
The official line on Back to the Future's origin states that co-writer Bob Gale was visiting his native Missouri, found his father's high school yearbook, and wondered if he'd have befriended him as a teen.
Brian Kilmeade also bumped his head on the gull-wing door.
There exists a future of artificial intelligence, rampant inequality and irreversible climate change. But there is also a future of abundance, where technology and good public policy leads to a better life for everyone. If you had the chance to take us back to the future -- to 2045 -- what future would you present?
The actor who portrayed Marty McFly urged Americans to envision a future without Parkinson's disease.
The Cubs also have better odds than Marty was told: They're currently at 9 to 1 to take the whole thing. If the guy Marty
Production began with Stoltz as the main McFly, but after six weeks of filming it was clear the movie wasn't coming together
Let's move on. Last month, the singer/songwriter/actress performed her hits ("Out of the Blue," "Foolish Beat," to name a few) with Jessie's Girl at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, and this Debhead snagged an interview.
Conference calls, web meetings and screen shares. We all love them. We all use them. We also all know that at least 20 percent of all conference calls and virtual meetings are a total waste of time and money. All because the following characters below ruin them.