Delta Kappa Epsilon

"There was this sense that we were responsible for what men did to us," one former student said.
The Supreme Court nominee's school days are under increasing scrutiny in the wake of a sex assault allegation.
A spokesman for that agency could not be reached for comment on Friday afternoon. Authorities did not say if the victims
Let's talk about what fraternities really are. They're vestiges of the old guard, those Americans for whom colleges were actually founded: namely, the white guys who could afford them.
There are no current plans for university sanctions of DKE, Ernest G. Ballard, LSU director of media relations, told HuffPost
"Seelbach's Defense: I was blacked out." DKE is currently aggressively protesting the decision, and has criticized the college
A lot of fraternities seem to know that their freedom of association is protected by the First Amendment. What fraternities often do not know, however, is that there are several different kinds of freedom of association.
Make no mistake, the dilemmas posed by fraternity incidents have ramifications far beyond Greek life. The free speech controversies posed by fraternities -- and the responses to them -- often threaten the free speech rights of all students.
Since the 1980s, harassment policies have been the main vehicle for campus speech codes -- that is, collegiate policies that restrict speech protected by the First Amendment.
EDMONTON - Young pledges hoping to join a University of Alberta fraternity were made to eat their own vomit, locked in a
In a statement posted on their website Sunday night, Delta Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity Board of Directors instructed
I am often asked whether I saw the possibility that George Bush might be president someday when we were friends at Yale. The quick answer, as my 12-year-old would say, is "not."
What do you think? Weigh in below. Yale President Richard Levin and Dean Mary Miller have released a statement condemning
What the DKE brothers at Yale did is wrong. That is obvious. But I sincerely hope that what comes of this makes everyone better, regardless of the school colors they wear, than before.
Writing in the Yale publication Broad Recognition, Hannah Zeavin encouraged students to contact the school's deans and "demand
As the debate over slave reparations continues, an exhibit on Senator Judah P. Benjamin at the Louisiana State Archives sheds light on a statesman who helped build America's slave economy.