"Demagoguery is the enemy of the people," the "Network" star said in accepting his Best Actor award.
RISE UP! In preparation for Super Bowl 51, Atlanta, Georgia is in full gear as fans cheer their beloved Falcons to Rise Up
Trump prescribes a dose of national pride: "I will make America great again," he intones, assuming that a profusion of tribal
So why does Trump want to be president? To understand his motivation, we must first go to the inception of the candidacy
If there is anything we have learned in American history, no hoods of injustice has stopped the forward march of diversity.
What is truly remarkable about that sentence is that the President here is lumping Donald Trump -- the nominee of one of America's two major political parties -- with the mortal enemies who the United States has fought over the past eighty years!
The real patriots this July are the Never Trump crowd, especially the Republicans who are willing to stand up publicly and oppose the misuse of their party by a dangerous blowhard who knows so little of history, but knows so much about marketing.
So when political science Professor Kenneth Janda asked if he could write a column making a more academic comparison (instead of just hurling insults), I thought it'd be a great idea.
Lest we don't forget those disease-laden bisexual vectors of infection into the general (read "heterosexual") population