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Even a former top party operative is bucking the establishment to help unseat conservative Rep. Dan Lipinski.
Sanders supporters will gather in Chicago later this month to figure out how to move forward.
Sanders' team plans to fight for superdelegates even if Hillary Clinton wins the popular vote.
Thursday afternoon, Bernie Sanders continued his unlikely march to the White House. After receiving a major endorsement last night from the Communications Workers of America union, in which there are 700,000 workers, Bernie Sanders has now won another key endorsement.
Democracy for America endorsed the candidate after he dominated their membership vote.
In contrast, nearly all the major labor unions have backed Hillary Clinton.
“We need white candidates talking to white people about the Movement for Black Lives.”
House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has said he expects to lose about 50 of his 246 Republican members, which would mean
Neil Sroka of Democracy for America laid out the problem Democrats could face from the GOP if they back a key part of the
MoveOn and Democracy for America polled their members. In each case, more than 80 percent supported the campaign to try to draft Warren. Who else has a plan to defeat "no primary" that can boast this kind of Democratic support?
Whether it was the minimum wage, paid sick leave or reproductive rights, majorities of voters in states around the country
"Many African-Americans, we don't trust him. We don't think he can be fair and impartial. Because we have history with him
Forty-nine percent of respondents told Public Policy Polling that they'd vote for Schatz, while only 34 percent said they'd
DFA announced the endorsement in a Wednesday email to supporters: In the email, DFA highlighted its early endorsement of