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The Democratic candidate’s stance on getting big money out of politics is getting more aggressive.
The president isn’t tolerating the hosts on his favorite TV network go easy on Democrats.
The late-night hosts are struggling to keep up as Beto O’Rourke becomes the latest Democrat vying to take on President Donald Trump in 2020.
Late-night hosts are struggling to keep up as Beto O’Rourke becomes the latest Democrat vying to take on Trump in 2020.
Klobuchar has forcefully advocated for the medical device industry in ways that complicate her reputation as a consumer defender.
The midterm elections told us a lot about the price of selling out.
Let me tell you about a hypothetical election between two candidates (A and B), who both happen to be very real. See if you can decide who would do the best job of the two of them.
What recourse do traditional conservatives have if they want to trump Trump? For starters, they could just withhold their support, as the Bush family is doing. Or they could withhold money. The trouble, however, is that this is the year when the usual suspects have been revealed as politically impotent. The Bushes are history. It doesn't matter to most conservative voters that the Bushes aren't backing Trump. If it did matter, Jeb Bush would not have performed so pitifully. As for the billionaires, some, like Sheldon Adelson, are already sucking up to Trump. There are so many very rich people involved in politics today that Trump is likely to get all the money he needs, even if he's too cheap to dig into his own (somewhat exaggerated) fortune. Some Republican leaders will even go so far as to vote for Hillary Clinton. And there is also talk of some kind independent conservative Republican insurgency, as a kind of ad hoc third party to divert votes from Trump.
While I am ecstatic at the prospect of electing a Democratic president and hopefully retaking the Senate, I know that isn't enough. It won't stop the terrible conservative laws being passed virtually every day in our states that end up trickling up to the Supreme Court and becoming the law of the land.