Democratic Congress

The Trump administration is currently a health threat to the workers Trump promised to save.
Next month I’m returning to Martha’s Vineyard. It’s a lovely place and, for progressives, the ultimate “safe space.” It sometimes
Many people know me for my dry sense of humor, but I'm also a serious legislator who gets results. I work hard to offer meaningful and impactful legislation that helps level the playing field for consumers, working people, the middle class and civil rights for the disenfranchised.
Voters who disapprove of Congress should "throw out the bums" who create the conditions that voters despise, and should defeat do-nothing and obstruct-everything Republicans in Washington.
What has this story to do with the Syrian situation? Once you get beyond the observation that Obama and Chamberlain were both political leaders, the similarities become obscure. America is clearly the strongest nation in the world. Unpreparedness is not an issue here.
It is time to pass the torch from the extremism, division and obstruction of Republicans to the leadership of opportunity and aspiration that was ignited with the election of Obama -- and would be culminated by the election of President Hillary Clinton.
Vowing to expand their majority, House Republicans have identified seven Democrats they consider top targets for the midterm
The intense polarization and gridlock that characterizes Congress is the result of attitudes and behaviors that have become ingrained habits since 2008.
We should use this Memorial Day as an opportunity to remember the sacrifices that American soldiers of all social and political stripes have made in defense of our country.
Let us hope that in 2012, our economy continues to rebound and that we are not dragged down by the economic crisis in Europe.
In last Wednesday's CNBC-sponsored "Your Money, Your Vote" Republican Presidential Debate, an intriguing question was posed that goes to the heart of the issue "to what extent should America be willing to rely on the private sector for our economic recovery?"
I, for one, prefer to speak up. I urge you to do likewise. And I plead with our allies, friends and supporters to speak out
A recent survey shows 90% of military families believe that civilian communities do not understand their needs nor support the values and dignity that come with a military career. Short of returning to a draft, what is to be done?
An overwhelming majority of Congressional Progressive Caucus incumbents won after governing with integrity in most instances
These are the things we don't hear about. And that's because, whether justified or not, politicians rarely get credit for
Joseph Quinlan, chief market strategist at U.S. Trust, expects the government to "kick the can down the road" with a deal
Gary Andres asks whether voters worry more about a Republican or Democratic congress. Charlie Cook says most academic and
No one yet knows how many people have died because they breathed in the dust of 9/11. And that uncertainty is clouding the outcome of thousands of lawsuits against the city of New York City.
Here we go again, we Democrats, gleefully assaulting each other at every opportunity and undermining every effort by our own administration to get anything done.