Democratic fundraising

ActBlue helps small-dollar donors give repeatedly to progressive candidates.
Israel said he doesn't see any contradiction between the organization's consistently alarmist fundraising emails and his
Cecil added that the Democratic committee relies on the support of its donors to combat Koch-backed attack ads. Democrats
The event is just another stop on Obama's nationwide fundraising spree for the DSCC. Last week, the president made appearances
The rest was white space. Why bother with sentiment when money will do? You have to hand it to "The Macker" -- the not always
The top individual donor was California real estate investor George Marcus, who gave $250,000. The law firm of Texas trial
The DCCC outraised its Republican counterpart, the National Republican Congressional Committee, by more than $4.8 million
The hero-like reception that Bill Burton, founder of the Obama-backing Priorities USA Action, received while strolling the
CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- "Jeff Bridges, eat your heart out!" yelled Martin O'Malley, clad in a black t-shirt and jeans, before
Pelosi's message resonated with at least some of her listeners: She raised about $400,000 on her Florida swing. WASHINGTON
IN EARLY JUNE, a small group of Barack Obama's top fund-raisers gathered for an urgent meeting in a bar on Chicago's Michigan
Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., became the most powerful woman in American history when she was sworn in as Speaker of the House
"2010 was only Crossroads' opening act," Steven Law, the group's president, told the Center for Public Integrity. These two
WASHINGTON - Andrew Cuomo may be on a record fund-raising pace, but he doesn't have the best-heeled campaign in New York
It's typical for sitting House members to outraise their prospective challengers, especially this far out from Election Day
The Democratic National Committee raised $11.5 million during the month of October, a party source tells the Huffington Post
The DNC is going after Dick Cheney with a new fundraising pitch -- asking supporters to donate money for a one-way bus ticket to send the former vice president back to Wyoming.
Hoping to maximize congressional gains, the DNC is taking out a $10 million line of credit to split equally between the House
Sen. Barack Obama's decision to forgo public financing for his presidential campaign clears the way for him to outspend Sen