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Biden trumpeted a fight for the "soul of the nation." The Mooch said he's still a Republican, and is searching for a GOP candidate to challenge Trump, who has "lost his mind."
Discussions with union members helped convince her of the need for a 10-year phase-in period, the California senator and 2020 presidential candidate said.
Trump's potential rivals demanded further obstruction investigations, launched petitions and accused Attorney General William Barr of spinning the report.
Bernie Sanders came out in favor of letting felons vote while jailed. So far, no other candidate seeking the Democratic nomination has been willing to join him.
The Massachusetts Democrat endorsed abolishing the Electoral College, the first time she's publicly taken the stance.
The "Late Show" host hits the newly minted 2020 presidential candidate's weakest spot.
Let me tell you about a hypothetical election between two candidates (A and B), who both happen to be very real. See if you can decide who would do the best job of the two of them.
RD: Because John Kennedy is not running, Ronald Reagan is not running, Martin Luther King is not running, or anybody I think
Speaking in a southern drawl from Memphis, Tennessee, Darryll Castle, Presidential nominee for the Constitution Party answered my questions.
Powerful and fit like a boxer, 43-year-old Hispanic/Native American Presidential candidate Robert Ornelas uses music to rap
JF: How do you handle that? JF: What three things would you focus on as POTUS? JRM: I've traveled to Mexico and Canada! JRM
I interviewed James Hedges, Prohibition Party candidate for President of the United States to find out why he was running for POTUS.
J: So who does that land belong to? The American Indians? D: Absolutely. J: So are you saying the National Parks are illegally
Disappointed in your "two choices" for President of the United States? Don't like the Tea Party, Green Party, Libertarian Party or any party for that matter? How about voting for a write-in candidate?
The truth is that a faith sincerely held will shape conduct in office. We must ask the questions of faith that need to be asked.
Regardless of one's political or economic views, or scientific understanding of the topic, a lot is at stake for the world's environment and its economy, so our next choice of President matters.
Comedy captures attention. Will candidates now make the rounds of the TV entertainment shows armed with a barrage of one-liners? Comedy writers alert: This may be a lucrative work opportunity.