democratic senatorial campaign committee

Democrats’ official Senate campaign arm had a big September, and Democratic challengers are outraising GOP incumbents.
The midterm elections are shaping up to be one of the most contentious in recent history.
They stayed behind the scenes, but they were involved in the Alabama Senate race for months.
He is running against conservative Roy Moore in the December special election.
by Andrew Mayersohn It’s been a big week for politicians refunding tainted campaign donations. First, Manhattan District
Democrat Doug Jones has seen an uptick in attention since Moore won the GOP primary.
“Ignoring women’s fundamental freedoms and equality to win elections is both an ethically and politically bankrupt strategy," NARAL's president said.
Contributions are flowing to Democratic Party committees and candidates at record levels.
Missouri's Claire McCaskill says she'll join a planned filibuster against the Supreme Court nominee.
"I’m not going to describe something as a ‘win’ in which there’s a chance that 24 million people lose their health insurance."