democratic socialism

“I really feel that Elizabeth Warren would have a better shot at unifying the left and the center," said one Working Families Party leader.
The former Colorado governor — a self-proclaimed moderate Democrat and vocal critic of socialism — announced he will end his presidential bid.
At a Third Way conference, the barriers to a 2020 Democratic win were clear: Bernie Sanders and Medicare-for-All. But Elizabeth Warren was acceptable.
How did the Vermont senator's interpretation fit into his 2020 presidential campaign strategy?
The 2020 presidential candidate hopes to lift the stigma from that term by associating it with popular social programs.
Trump rarely misses a chance to accuse Democrats of wanting a socialist America — something Republicans have been doing since the New Deal.
The 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful said she's a capitalist who supports markets that “have a cop on the beat.”
Offensive lineman Jack Albrecht "wanted to make a statement," a Democratic Socialists of America official said.
The newly elected Democratic congresswoman said the president is "scared" about her proposals to tax the wealthy.
Networks zoomed in on the Vermont senator after the president's remarks during the State of the Union.
“Julia is the first ever vocal advocate for sex workers’ rights to run on the issue and win.”
The "Daily Show" host pressed the democratic socialist about how she plans to pay for her ideas.
Ron DeSantis says the New York Democratic congressional nominee once called herself “a girl from the Bronx," so it's OK.
The longtime Republican encouraged Americans to vote for Democrats in November's midterm elections last week.
“Everyone deserves to be wearing a nice coat like Bernie Sanders,” said a prominent democratic socialist.
The growing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement is still taboo for Democrats.
They realized that the “trickle-down economics” theory didn’t work.