democrats and republicans

Until the moderate members of both parties are willing to temper their partisanship with significant efforts to "reach across the aisle" and work together, the base of each party will dictate policy.
One party is much more partial to Beyoncé.
In the absence of definable enemies, as I learned in Boston, we turn on each other. Democrats and Republicans have turned on each other in the absence of a common enemy, with new permutations of class warfare where it is the wealthy who resent the poor, and where our president is the Anti-christ.
I am convinced that America was ready for change. I am convinced that this was the time for change. I am troubled that our political leaders seem to be fighting to keep their world as it has been for decades.
Right and Left are going to have to recognize the importance of the role each plays in the well-being of the whole.
I've learned over the past several decades to be relentlessly and sometimes ruthlessly partisan. However, watching Ted Kennedy's tribute-cum-wake at the JFK Library, I found myself changing.
Audience numbers for the Republican National Convention are drastically trailing those enjoyed by the Democrats just last